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The TOROA Centre for Communication Research takes its name from the toroa bird, the indigenous southern royal albatross. The toroa is the largest sea bird in the world and breeds only in Aotearoa New Zealand. In native Māori culture, birds have long been seen as messengers and communicators; many 19th-century Māori language newspapers had bird names. The toroa signifies splendour and strength, but also freedom. Though it circumnavigates the globe, the toroa is uniquely of Aotearoa New Zealand origin and always returns home. Equally, the TOROA centre seeks to stretch its wings across boundaries – physical, cultural and academic – and encourages the exploration of uncharted knowledge territory. It does this by being firmly grounded in the local values of whanaungatanga (belonging), kotahitanga (unity), and manaaki (caring and support). The TOROA centre provides a home for established, new and emerging researchers; it endeavours to nurture creativity, freedom of thought and collaboration, and supports its members to excel in their research. No matter where a journey leads, we remain connected to our papakāinga (origin, home) in the TOROA centre.



The TOROA Centre for Communication Research advances knowledge in socially responsible communication and media practice. We promote community-based research and practice-informed inquiry. Our researchers query and challenge the relationships between communication practice, theory and research. We build research capability by encouraging and nurturing practice-enabled communication researchers. 

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